Areas of Service

Stonepay operations are handled through three divisions: the Residential Homes division, the Business-to-Business Solutions division, and our Financing division:

Residential Homes

As these market types have different demand and supply characteristics in varying regions, Stonepay operates through satellite offices allowing for direct local senior management involvement. This management structure has proven to lead to the quickest and most efficient delivery of Stonepay products to emerging markets.

In certain geographic regions, each division is operated locally within client oriented and regionally specific mandates. Each division acts under the direction of a general manager who has discretional authority to determine appropriate building and management practices, acceptable standards, and sources of supply and contracts to be performed, while always acting within the framework of our Corporate Constitution, our International Standards of Practice, and our Environmental-Smarts policies.

Within a number of the countries we are active in, we have regional management teams, which are responsible for maintaining key customer, supplier, and government contacts in their respective markets, while permitting our divisions and offices enough flexibility through our decentralized structure to foster an entrepreneurial environment.

Our executive management teams in North America and Europe coordinate land acquisition, infrastructure implementation, short-term and long-term built-environment management and redevelopment, short-term and long-term property management, allocate capital, ensure customer and employee satisfaction and manage succession planning within their respective regions. Our executive management team is responsible for our long-term strategic planning and future growth, as well as monitoring the performance of the management of our divisions.