Comprehensive Expat Housing

With the growing speed and complexity of international business, our focus is on assisting businesses in their expansion into new and emerging markets.

Stonepay Expatriate Housing is a division Stonepay Business-to-Business is focused on offering comprehensive solutions for all expatriate housing needs.

With over 30 years in expat housing we understand the challenging and rewarding task of employee relocation.

Our approach begins with an assessment of your current expatriate housing requirements.

We examine your business and the various challenges specific to the desired area of deployment. We then work with you to build an expat housing strategy that supports your business goals.

Following a thorough analysis of your company's goals and requirements, we work closely with your expat housing and HR department in order to create a customized plan that is in line with your corporate mandates.

With this clearly defined strategy, we can embark on an accelerated and quality-oriented delivery of products and services.

Our underlining approach to expat housing is the importance we place on creating a seamless relocation process for expats and their families.

The goal at Stonepay Expatriate Housing is to establish long running professional relationships with our clients by focusing on the timely delivery of predictable solutions specific to their location.