Consulting Services

From pre-deployment planning to post-deployment management, Stonepay's Expat Consulting is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals focused on helping you maximize the value of your expatriate housing investment. We provide you with expertise and experience to help minimize the overall burden of employee expropriation.

We at Stonepay understand that implementing your business abroad is more than simply relocating assets and employees. Building cost-effective, reliable and secure expatriate housing solutions that help you meet your business priorities is done through our team of astute business strategists and technical experts with broad industry experience.

Given our long-standing portfolio of expat communities, Stonepay can also assist your company in creating or updating your present expatriate housing programs in order to fine-tune them to new potential areas of deployment.

For medium-size businesses looking to expand in emerging markets for the first time, our team can follow you through the entire process of deployment and help you determine an approach best suited to your company's sector and your growth objectives.

Stonepay expat Consulting Services has resulted in long-term savings for a number of our clients.