Our Approach

It is very important to us that as a stakeholder you are involved from the very beginning of the facilities management process. This allows us to determine the exact range of services you require.

All Stonepay Facilities Management works are carried out in accordance to two project-specific and client-specific tools; the Service Specifications Document (SPD) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The SPD is a document that quantifies the minimum levels of technical services that will be offered. It serves as a benchmark that allows both our client and our team to assess the level of services we deliver.

The SLA is our commitment to you in delivering a high level of facility management services.

Both these tools are the result of careful analysis of individual project and client objectives.
Our facility management services draw heavily upon our successful management of an extensive number of facilities worldwide.

The two driving attributes of our Facilities Management Services are customer service and value.