Our Approach

Whether catering to private clients or to multi-national corporations our approach is the same-we strive to offer quick-delivery, quality buildings and products, backed by dependable management services.

Overseen by our executive management team in North America, all of the company's projects are carefully personalized to specific client and regional requirements, incorporating extensive technological, social, and environmental analysis.

All works done by Stonepay are performed within our Corporate Constitution, our International Standards of Practice, and our Environmental-Smarts policies.

The international scope of our projects requires an added level of area specific sensitivity. Each project is locally administered with consideration to local community partnerships.

Stonepay follows a project management model in which specific senior management is dedicated exclusively to a specific region. This system allows hands-on administration of regional projects backed by Stonepay's global network of suppliers and support staff. This process is at the heart of how we can offer quicker project completions within a case-relative practice.

Based on the project, we dedicate ourselves to a comprehensive approach to building. As dictated by the region, our scope of delivery includes being the developer, builder and facilities manager of choice for our clients, our employees and for the communities in which we are present.