Quick Delivery Products

We understand the importance of first-to-market presence to your business and we aim to help you with achieving this.

Stonepay Quick Delivery Expat Housing Products, also known as Stonepay Fast-Track Homes, offer a unique answer to companies that are faced with the challenges of quick expat deployment.

By overlapping the design, engineering and construction phases, Stonepay Fast-Track homes allow for reliable housing delivery in a fraction of the average time required for a build. In most cases, our quick delivery homes can be built within 90 days or less (subject to conditions).

Our Stonepay Fast-Track products are up to the same rigorous design, build, and safety requirements as our other built-environment products.

Please contact one of our expat housing specialists for additional information and availability of Stonepay Quick Delivery Expat Housing in your required area of deployment.