Gated Expat Communities

Stonepay Gated Expatriate Communities have always been at the heart of our Expat Housing Solutions.

Stonepay has master-planned, built, and managed a range of highly successful expatriate communities in cities around the world. Many of these communities are self-sustained neighborhoods that offer the highest quality of living on par with the highest international global standards. These communities are built in accordance to the highest international standards of construction, including but not limited to infra-structure development and building code-standards.

Our communities offer our corporate clients and their employees with the peace of mind that only Stonepay gated communities can offer. Coupled with our facility management services, we can assist in achieving your company's Health, Security, Safety, and Environment objectives.

We follow a comprehensive approach to expat housing. Through early planning with your company we can ensures to efficiently meet and incorporate your housing requirements into the very design of the community.

Our gated expat communities are in general self-sustainable and have included notable features such as on-site international schools, restaurant and leisure facilities, offices, and much more.

Please contact us for more information on Stonepay Gated Communities.