We believe that preserving the natural environment is an essential component of community creation. Stonepay takes its commitment to environmental stewardship seriously.

In order to minimize the impact of what we do on the natural environment, environmentally conscious decisions must be one of the fundamental aspects of how we design, develop and manage the built environment.

The development and management of buildings greatly interacts with all aspects of the natural environment. Stonepay is committed to corporate responsibility in all endeavors that relate to the environment.

Regardless of the size of the project, all our operations are carried out in accordance with internal policies and standards consistent with the highest environmental values.
Our staff actively takes-part in our Environmental-Smarts (link) policies. Whether it is on-site construction practices or daily office culture, these policies apply to every facet of our business.

In addition, we build and manage structures and communities that last longer and our clients keep longer, and this in the long-term, helps minimize waste.

These steps not only allow us to do our part by reducing waste, reusing products, and, recycling, but they also allow us to decrease the overall cost of our products. And this translates to savings to our clients.

Together, our plan is to assure that the natural beauty of the communities we develop and work in serve as a proud legacy for generations to come.

Our feelings are simple really: the more Environmental-Smarts we have, the better-off we all end up, both environmentally and economically.