Facilities Management Services

In the great majority of the cases, as the original builder, very few can provide better comprehensive post-sales built-environment management than our team of facilities management experts. We intrinsically understand the life-cycle requirements of what we build.

Stonepay Facilities Management Services offers an integrated approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting buildings and infrastructure in order to create an environment that strongly supports both the primary and secondary objectives of our built-spaces.

Our management services are always carried out in accordance to our HSSE policy. All works are carried out to the highest possible industry standards.

What sets us apart in facilities management is a principle embedded in the very core of our business structure. Our Facilities Management Services teams are always supported by our other departments and regional offices, allowing for the optimal delivery of services. This internal network of support translates directly into shorter lead-times in potential maintenance and repair.

Stonepay benefits from long-standing facilities management relationships with many of our large corporate clients. Based on the area, we have been known to provide a wide-array of management services ranging anywhere from security services to water-management. Within our buildings and communities we can provide most of your management needs.

Moreover, our extensive experience in facilities management allows for highly accurate preliminary and long-term assessments of the exact requirements of facilities. This in turn leads to more accurate cost-projections for our clients.

We are also the facilities management provider in most of our Gated Expatriate Communities. This is evidence of our long-term commitment to what we build.